Chicken broth 




Chicken bones or pieces

Salt, pepper, any other spices you may have (bay leaf, oregano…)


Sautée onion, tomato, garlic in oil with spices (this is what really gives the broth flavor). You can either throw in the chicken pieces or bones into this first, and let in brown for a few minutes, or add water and then add the chicken. Let this cook down until the chicken is cooked, or until the flavor feels rich.


Roasted Chicken (Linda Black) 


Right now, Hannaford chickens are .99c a pound. I picked one up for $5 (5lbs) for my family of 3. I'll roast it tonight and pair it with frozen green peas (my daughter's favorite) (.99c a bag, Hannaford brand), and probably do a roasted sweet potato. I'll use half tonight and save the rest for chicken noodle soup.


Chicken noodle soup (Linda Black) 


My chicken noodle soup has the leftover chicken, an onion, garlic, celery, carrots, whatever pasta I might have (or rice) and I throw in the rest of the peas. I use premade chicken broth as a short-cut, but if you know how and have time, you can make your own stock from the chicken carcass.


Arroz con pollo - Rice and chicken in tomato sauce (Micaela Sueldo)  







Chopped tomatoes or tomato sauce 


Cut onions, garlic and grate one carrot 

Heat up oil in a pot 

Cook the onions, then the garlic and last the carrot 

Put the chopped tomatoes or tomato sauce and add some water so the sauce is juicy 

When the sauce is cooked up, add the chicken and cook it a little bit 

Then add the rice (wash it first)  → a little bit more than a fistful per serving 

Keep stirring so that the rice doesn’t stick or burn and wait until the chicken and rice are cooked 


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