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Covid-19 and the Economy

From the Thoreau Environmental Leaders Initiative

COVID -19 and the Economy: What is happening and where are we headed?

A Conversation with Jay Friedlander, Sharpe-McNally Chair of Green and Socially Responsible Business & Davis Taylor, Cody van Heerden Chair in Economics and Quantitative Social Sciences

Check out the RECORDING of the conversation below! 

This is not a Drill

A Zoom conversation with COA alumnus Nathan Thanki about the perils and potentials of our current COVID crisis. Nathan recently published a powerful, challenging essay about COVID, climate change, apocalypses, and hope: This Is It


Below are some lightly edited excerpts from Nathan’s essay:


The last book of the New Testament is the Book of Revelation. What is being revealed now is that the systems which determine how we live our lives — capitalism, patriarchy, white supremacy, ableism etc — are murderous. Of course, everyone on the receiving end of the violent indignities of these systems already knew this.


Everything that these systems have tried to convince us is important or desirable or necessary has been exposed as pointless. Nothing fucking matters — not the stock market nor the election promises nor the bullshit social norms to which we so strictly adhered. You don’t need to pay your rent. Nobody who is in jail need be there. Most of our jobs serve no good purpose. ‘Normal’ was always a death sentence for the vast majority of people on this planet.


Everything we’ve always been fighting for now looms into view. We just have to reach out and grab it. We can feed, clothe, house, and provide for everyone on earth. We can do it with dignity and without destroying the earth. But we can only do it if we act in solidarity. We can only do it if we overthrow the current order, the profit logic, the unnatural greed we have come to accept as ‘normal’. Free your minds, friends. The rest will follow. There are no limits now, only raw potential. The rules of engagement have changed.



From the Thoreau Environmental Leaders Initiative:

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