Homemade plain yogurt (Indi)


Milk (I use whole milk)

Yogurt live culture (can be bought in a packet or you can use a few spoonfuls of yogurt that already has live cultures)


Making yogurt is all about mutual satisfaction. You need to learn about what it likes, so that it can grow into the yogurt you like.


Heat the amount of milk that you want to turn into yogurt (I usually do about 32 oz). You want the milk to heat to just under boiling. If you see the tiny bubbles starting to show, that’s your signal that it's about ready. Pour the warm milk into a container. I use a 32 oz mason jar, but you can use a glass or heat resistant tupperware too.


Then, add about 5-10 spoonfuls of yogurt that has live culture in it (or a packet of yogurt starter). Mix gently, close the lid, and wrap it in a warm scarf or blanket. The key is to keep the milk at the same temperature more or less so that the yogurt can grow. You can get creative to finding the right place to keep it warm. I put my bundled jar in the oven (while it’s off obviously) and this creates a nice warm abode for my  yogurt. My mom used to put her yogurt in a cooler to keep the temperature warm and even. I’ve seen others bundle the yogurt in several blankets on the couch. A helpful technique is to make a buddy for your yogurt: a warm water bottle. This can be kept with your yogurt culture as it grows to keep it warm.


Let the culture grow for  about 4-8 hours. The result should be a thick liquid--yogurt! Keep in the fridge.


 Most importantly, leave a small potion of your yogurt to make the next batch! With the last few spoonfuls of this yogurt, you can repeat the process over and over again. You can also experiment with how much starter to keep, though in the beginning, I suggest about ten spoonfuls. Once your culture grows you may need less.


Don’t be discouraged if your yogurt isn’t always perfect, sometimes it can turn out more runny or lumpy than other times. With time, you’ll figure out how to care for your culture :) And then you can start getting creative, like making flavoured yogurt!

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