A Day Without Women: Solidarity with Mexico - Mafe Farias

Updated: Apr 1

Do you fear for your life when you are in the streets of your country? Female insecurity is not exclusive to Mexico; however, it is the second country of Latin America and the Caribbean with more femicides. From January to November 2019, 3142 women were killed; only 833 were classified as femicides and 2,309 were victims of intentional homicide. To January this year, 320 women were reported killed, giving an average of 10 women murdered per day.

On March 9th, there is going to be a national women strike in Mexico standing in solidarity with femicides. The idea of #ElNueveNadieSeMueve (#theninthnobodymoves) or #UnDiaSinNosotras (#ADayWithoutWomen) is to paralyse the country by not having women activity of any kind; either at work, school, social media or contributing to the economy by purchasing goods. The strike is a radical confrontation to the lack of action to address insecurity that 52% of the population experiences every day. Also, it is a demonstration of the vital contribution of women in the functioning of society. The strike is getting momentum as women are no longer willing to remain silent.

Although the number of victims is lower in the United States of America, it is important to recognise the privilege of living in a place like MDI security-wise. To model a strike at COA is a pathway to demonstrate solidarity with #ElNueveNadieSeMueve and simultaneously using the strike as an opportunity to demonstrate how integral women are to the functioning of this institution. What would COA look like without women and people that identify as women showing up to do what they do for just one day or even half an hour?

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A day without women

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