Carve Your Heart Out

This is where we will be posting all things wood working related. We want to create a space where we can share stories, ideas, aesthetics, videos, inspiration, and more. A running stream that you can look at whenever you feel like during the week, to stimulate your passion for carving. Alongside with the weekly scheduled zoom hangouts this space will always exist for you to check out whenever you get the inclining. This will hopefully also be the space where we can post the films that Aaron and Deidre will be lovingly creating for our education and entertainment.

We are the nascent art collective at College of the Atlantic
We usually work in the printed, face-to-face media + human chit chat
 [ but times are a changing ]
So we've crafted this smashin' virtual common room
Pls engage, love, share with friends and share with us
- Share your work dude - 

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