Notes from Handwork

from week 6

"It's week 6 of Springtime Tea Time!  I hear from many students that working on their handwork projects is keeping them sane during these unusual times.  For me, handwork is a familiar and constant source of comfort, especially in these times when everything is feeling so unfamiliar.  

Our handworkers are completing projects and beginning new ones.  Check out Gabrielle's  cozy hooded sweater that she began knitting in the Fall.  Emma's crocheted blanket is close to completion and she is in the process of planning her next project.  Gabriella B. is about to begin knitting a beret!

Please join us!  Bring an existing project, chat with me about a project you would like to start, or simply hang out with us.  I look forward to our connection each week." -Karen Ressel

Join the zoom call this weekend at Saturday from 11am-12pm at

Emma's crocheted blanket:

Gabrielle's sweater:

We are the nascent art collective at College of the Atlantic
We usually work in the printed, face-to-face media + human chit chat
 [ but times are a changing ]
So we've crafted this smashin' virtual common room
Pls engage, love, share with friends and share with us
- Share your work dude - 

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