Trust me on this one...

I's afraid to say that the only way the outing club will be able to get you fed delicious and highly satisfying goodies on a Friday afternoon, is if you just, you know, make them yourself. I know, I know, it doesn't sound like the best deal you've done in your life. But! I guarantee you that it will be just as tasty (if not more), highly educational, and come on, don't tell me you're not looking for something to do thats not looking at your computer screen for a few hours. And not to forget, this way you get an entire batch of goodies all. for. yourself. Unless you have 5 hungry housemates like I do, in which case they will probably make something that you will munch on at some point so don't fret.

Watch this space for recipes that you can try at home. Personally, baking is something that has gotten me through many days of this quarantine. As well as seeing the joy on my housemate's faces when they smell whatever is going on in the oven, it also passes the time and gives me something to snack on which I find a marvelous activity. We have a designated time in the afternoon where we all come together and eat, snacks, fried stuff, sugary things, whatever we have baked. We drink tea and eat and are all in the same place for a moment. You'd think that would be the last thing we would look forward to in a busy, tiny house, but in fact it's the most delightful part of my day.

Im sorry, I don't want this to be a wordy food blog. But it's pleasant to give you a little background on the stuff you can bake. So to stay true I will but whatever superfluous paragraphs that I cant help but write underneath the recipe. Like a breath of fresh air.

So, um, watch this space...

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