Fried rice (Ana María) 






Chili (flakes, sauce, oil, powder, cayenne pepper) 

Soy sauce 

Sesame oil (not necessary but adds a really nice taste) 





Egg or tofu or both  / chicken or pork if you want meat 


If you are using tofu, dry it up a little by wrapping it with a rag and putting something heavy on top of it like a wooden cutting board. 


Start the rice and while it’s cooking…


Chop garlic and ginger (if you purée them together they will release more flavor) 

Add chili to taste if you want 

Heat up a pan with oil and add the garlic and ginger, add some sesame oil 

Julienne carrots and add them to the pan, cover with a lid 

Chop the broccoli and add it to the pan 

Chop cabbage in thin slices (a quarter of a cabbage should be enough)

Add cabbage to pan when carrots and broccoli are a bit soft and cover with the lid

Chop up scallions and leave to the side 


Check on the rice and if it’s ready, take it out of the pot and let it cool 


Scramble some eggs, move the veggies to a side of the pan and cook the eggs on the freed up space 

If using tofu, smash it up or chop it and add it putting soy sauce on it 

If using meat, add it at this point 


Once cool, add soy sauce to the rice 

Add the rice to the pan 

Stir everything together 

Add the scallions and fry for some more minutes 




You can always make this without one or more of the veggies if you don’t have them / can’t find them. 



Rice - El Buen Arroz 


There is an art to rice even though many people don’t think so!!! The key to not having mushy rice is washing it. 


Folks please wash your rice, it’s a very easy thing that will take you 10 seconds. 


1 cup of rice 

1.5 cups of water 


and the Latin American touch to rice 



Garlic or onion or both 


Wash the rice on a strainer until water comes out clear 

Heat up the pot with some oil and sautée a bit of onion or garlic or both, you can even just crush a couple cloves of garlic and add them whole 

Add the rice and toast it a little bit until it’s a bit golden 

Add the water and turn to high heat 

Once it boils, cover with a lid 

Lower the fire as much as you can and wait for 20 min 



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